Making gelato at home

Posted on: October 21st, 2010 by Trevor

macys2We were invited to give a demonstration on making gelato at home in The Cellar at Macy’s Union Square recently. Besides making a sobetto with beautiful, plump blackberries, I showed the crowd how to make pistachio gelato.

Our pistachio is a bit unique in that we use pistachios. Just pistachios. If it sounds odd that I would point that out, you should check out a recently released cookbook on gelato from a big, national gelato manufacturer. For some reason their pistachio recipe calls for almond extract. Why would you put almond in a pistachio gelato? I don’t know but maybe its because their pistachio gelato is full of almonds (because almonds are cheap) rather than pistachios.

Anyways, don’t bother buying the book and keep an eye out for the next time we are out showing people how to make real gelato at home.