our delicious idea

Posted on: April 20th, 2011 by Trevor

Now available.
Take a bite.


We’ve been told for years that we need to sell our gelato in pints in grocery stores. We appreciate the compliment but we know the grocery game is much more complicated than it looks and those freezers are crowded with dozens and dozens of brands and flavors. At the same time, we want to grow our business, create jobs and most of all, serve great gelato. In October of 2010 we went to our friends at Whole Foods Market with a new idea, our gelato in a bar. They didn’t just like them, they loved them.

We already had a good relationship with Whole Foods from selling our gelato in their stores for the past 3 years but we got even closer when they made us a part of their Local Producer Loan Program. Then, it was time to get busy. We had to learn about packaging, branding, storage, and the intricate workings of the grocery business. Luckily, we knew a lot of really smart people already.

We don’t take shortcuts when we make our gelato, so we wouldn’t be taking shortcuts with the bars either. Rather than making a few gallons of a given flavor at a time, the bar production demanded dozens of gallons for each batch. Commercial ice cream manufacturers would laugh at us for calling that a big batch but for a small gelateria like ourselves, it required hours and hours to get up to speed for the launch. We cold-steeped the Blue Bottle Coffee, brewed Numi Tea, juiced fresh grapefruit, and peeled hundreds and hundreds of kiwis. The bars were frozen, wrapped, boxed, stacked, driven around and finally, stocked into our sweet little freezer units.

And now, they are waiting for you. We invite you to stop by your local Whole Foods Market and have one.