When you’ve made as much gelato as we have, you learn a thing or two. And when you’ve been around as long as we have, you’ve probably learned from a lot of mistakes. Our professional services allow new brands the ability to get to market faster, get made easier and get distributed locally quicker.

Clover Craft Organic Ice Cream
Clover-Stornetta is a regional dairy with high integrity organic milk. Our task was to make a line of organic ice cream flavors beyond the traditional favorites that would use ingredients from the same geographic area their milk originates from. Our flavors included ingredients from a local brewery and a local coffee roaster to produce truly unique flavors like Hoppy Hour, made with IPA beer and French Press Coffee flavored simply with local, organic coffee beans.


The Twelve Flavors of Clover Craft Organic Ice Cream.


St Benoît Organic Ice Milk
Our challenge was to formulate a product that would use a single source of dairy, without separating the milk, or adding any cream. Like the fluid milk and yogurt St Benoît makes, this would come from a single herd of jersey cows.

The six flavors of St Benoît Organic Ice Milk


New Barn Almond Milk Organic Ice Cream
We were asked to make a organic, non-dairy, almond milk ice cream using the same philosophy behind the parent brand’s fluid product. New Barn almond milk tastes like homemade almond milk, unlike many highly refined almond milks on the market. Because this almond milk has the flavor of almonds, we needed to create ice cream flavor that would compliment the almond notes. We also needed to formulate an almond ice cream base that would have a great mouth-feel and use a limited amount of ingredients.

The Eight Flavors of New Barn Organic AlmondCrème