Simple ingredients, simple processing

We have been crafting original, unique, and always delicious gelato since 2002.  Over the years we have churned a range of  flavors from Absinthe to Zuppa Inglese.  We scooped up our favorite flavors and filled these just for you.

TCHO Chocolate

TCHO Chocolate of San Francisco, CA are artisans who partner with cacao farmers in their “bean to bar” approach. They allows us to interrupt their production process and divert raw cacao liquor from Ghana directly into this gelato for a distinctive chocolate experience.

Recchiuti Burnt Caramel

Michael Recchiuti of San Francisco, CA has crafted the City’s favorite confections since 1997. A departure from overdone salted caramel, Michael roasts an intense smoky caramel at 390°F just for this gelato, which we churn with our brown butter for counterpoint.

Madagascar Vanilla

This gelato is anything but “plain” vanilla. We craft our gelato with an abundance of full-bodied rich vanilla from the Madagascar Bourbon Isles to capture the orchid fruit’s finest flavor notes: floral, creamy … and pure sunshine.

Guittard Dark Chocolate Sorbetto

Guittard Chocolate of Burlingame, CA has crafted rich and classic chocolate for over 140 years. One of our most popular flavors, our sorbetto is pure and true dark chocolate and churned without any dairy for chocolate lovers, vegan or otherwise.


Pistachio is the gold standard of any good gelato. Cheaper brands may throw green dye and almond extract together to cut with real pistachio nuts. By contrast, ours is crafted with locally-grown, freshly-roasted pistachios from Fiddyment Farms of Lincoln, CA.

Strawberry Sorbetto

ALBA Organics trains farm workers and aspiring growers to start their own organic farms in Salinas, CA. ALBA Organics’ beginning farmers grow fresh strawberries for our non-dairy sorbetto. This tastes like real strawberries as there are no purées or extracts within.

Lindcove Ranch Tangelo Sorbetto

Tangelos are a cross between a tangerine and pomelo. Lindcove Ranch in Exeter, CA grows specialty citrus like citron, Buddha’s hand, and the fresh Minneola tangelos used exclusively for our refreshing non-dairy sorbetto.